Code blue!

"Oo-kay, what have we got here?"

"Not exactly sure, doctor. Seems to have been brought here this morning. Turning blue, so I'd bet on heart failure but anything's possible."

"Anything sure is. Any more I need to know?"

"Well... we found this in his pocket. Says here his name is 'Ugus'."

"What kind of a fucking name is that? Sounds like a goblin or something."

"Yeah, I thought so too, doctor."

"No you didn't and you know that, you're just trying to kiss my ass. Anyhoo, I have five minutes to waste before coffee so I better do something. Is he prepared?"

"For what?"

"Naah, forget it. Give him five hundred."

"Five hundred what?"

"Hmm. On second thought let's just shock him. Clear!"


"Whoa! Did you see that bastard jump! Do it again doc!"

"Might as well."


"Hmm, now he's smoking. His chest burned pretty bad."

"Any improvement in his state?"

"No, doc. Still blue. And the odor's getting kinda pungent."

"Anything else we can do?"

"Not really. Looks like we lost the patient, doctor."

"Boo fucking hoo. Let's go get some coffee."

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